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HQ Dating and Adult Traffic Available

Status: Active

Created By: John Paul

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Model : CPA , CPM , CPC

Verticals : Dating and Adult

CR : 5 to 7 %

Lets connect skype : live:jpaul_301

Verticals Adult
Source Display
Basis CPA, CPC
Geo Target United States
Platforms Desktop, Mobile
Budget N/A
Category Type N/A
Payment Method N/A
Payment Terms N/A


Hi Paul we have high quality Mainstream dating offers for several geos We pay on Net 15 terms and I welcome the opportunity work with you further. Please message me if this is something of interest to you

John Paul • 1 year ago

I made payment for Zeropark Publisher account to J Paul since September 2020.. Before payment he told me that i will get my login detail after 30 min of payment . Then i made payment of $500 for that and told me he need my information and to reply for questoin of verification to update my info in old account verified .. but he didn't give any login details. I asked him many times about my service but he told me that It will taking too long ,Months passed without any service then in Jaunuary 2021 JPaul who works in this company ( Adzglobe.com) Scammed me and left Skype without any reply . After That i contacted another person working in this company called (Anto (SA) ) His Skype is : live:support_67773 . I told him all the story . He told me that J paul scammed many people and they didn't responsable . i tried to talk with him everyday then he told me that his team of company will give my login details of zeropark account . in February he give me login details and i asked him about changing IP and some question related to account to avoid proplemes and issues but he said i don't know after i made sign in account i go to Tags and try to add my Ads but account not added any tags . I return to Anton and told him this is not my deal with your company but he still said we give account . However my deal was to have old verified account not new verified account . i asked him for refund but he didn't reply and still said we give account .I told him that i contacted zeropark about account and zeropark told me that we didn't accept new publisher to add tags and to work as publisher . This is why my deal was to get old account verified not new account that is not working . After that he told me that i will make you a campaign advertising traffic . but as usual of cheat from this scammer company they didn't give any traffic .This company cheat me and scammed me . they are big scammer.. I still contacted Anto more and more months he still giving promises since the start of this year without any action . In May he told me that i will get old verified account ,i waited him for 3 months but still saying and giving promises .. months passed and finally they gave fake login that didn't work .i tried to login many times but it's giving wrong email/password . then they blocked me again .. refund my money or you will see my reviews in all of big sites and companies

John Paul • 10 months ago

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