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ActiveRevenue is a global self-serve DSP which allows advertisers access to high performing ad units, granular targeting, real-time bidding on CPM/CPC and multiple optimization capabilities including a sophisticated auto-optimization algorithm.

Our platform has various targeting capabilities such as;

Worldwide Geo (State > City > Zip on part of the geos), Operating Systems + versions, Browsers + versions, Brand type, Brand name, Time targeting, Mobile carrier, Connection type, IP lists, Domain lists and multiple bid adjustment options per Source, Geo, OS, Browser and more. We have our own auto-optimization algorithm available which can auto block non-converting sources and adjust the bid per source according to the EPC.

The available ad-formats are

Push Notification, Native, Display, PPR (Zero Click) & Pop-under

Top Performing Verticals:


Dating and Adult




Only for PeerClick users!


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Alexandra Tesler

Business Development Manager

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