We are looking for partners for a new product

GEO: INDIA Hi everyone! We have launched a new product named Cashli, and we are ready to cooperate. Firstly, we are looking for bloggers, SMS and EMAIL inventory, owners of Telegram and WhatsApp channels to run affiliate campaigns together. We have a huge range of campaigns in Ecom, Finance, travel, and online services. Also, we have special approvals to run cashback campaigns, and we have a really short payment cycle from 3 to 15 days. On our platform, you will see the statuses of each lead, you will be able to create multiple links for your sub-inventory, download CSV with all statuses, and withdraw payments anytime. Additionally, we have our own inventory, and we can consider your exclusive campaigns to run. Right now, we want to increase the numbers of educational campaigns, insurance, and good loans campaigns. Skype: live:.cid.70a631bff7a9aa98

My Requirements

I'am : Seller
Traffic Model : CPA,
Device : Mobile ,
Geo :
Vertical : E-commerce,Finance,
Tracking Type : Others,