Looking Traffic for the Below SOI offer

Hello all We are looking traffic for the below SOI offer. Kindly connect if you can deliver the same. Campaign : My Solar Panel - CPL SOI (UK) Targeting Geo : UK Exclude Scotland, Northern Ireland, Shetlands, Inverness and anything North of Dundee (will be rejected) Traffic : [All Week] [Email. Social, Native, Display] Payable Action: Full form submit 24/7 Dupes and fraud returned. PayOut : Euro 8 Preview : https://gyazo.com/5a88eea0d2ff8937d54b9ce367b37f4 Skype:live:.cid.743ccf0972257b6e Email: [email protected]

My Requirements

I'am : Buyer
Traffic Model : CPL,
Device : Desktop,
Geo : Tier 1 Geos,
Vertical : Solar,
Tracking Type : S2S,