Looking for High-Quality Traffic for the OKX App Campaign!

Campaign: OKX App Payout Model: CPR (Cost Per Register) Geos: South Korea (KR), China (CN), Hong Kong (HK), Australia (AU), Vietnam (VN), Thailand (TH), Taiwan (TW). MMP: Appsflyer Payouts: KR: $14 CN: $12 AU: $14 VN: $3 TH: $3 TW: $12 HK: $12 Key Billing Considerations: We rely on Amplitude BI as our ultimate source of truth, ensuring transparency and filtering out invalid traffic. Traffic from untargeted geos will not be compensated. Rest assured, fraudulent traffic wont be rewarded. We use Appsflyers P360 and our internal anti-fraud BI system to double-protect our interests. KPI (Key Performance Indicators): Soft KPI: Register to FTD = 30%, Register to FTT = 10% Hard KPI: Achieving an impressive ROI of 10% (calculated as Transaction fees divided by Ad spends). Please note that if the monthly ROI falls short of 10%, there may be a percentage deduction from the monthly settlement. We are committed to creating a partnership thats mutually beneficial and transparent. By working together, we can achieve great success in this campaign. If you are interested in collaborating or have any questions, please dont hesitate to reach out. Skype : live:.cid.96525233fb5618fa Mob/whatsapp : +917508784488 Lets make this campaign a resounding success!

My Requirements

I'am : Buyer
Traffic Model : CPA,CPI,CPR,
Device : Mobile ,
Geo : Asian Geos,
Vertical : Investors,
Tracking Type : MMP,Postback,S2S,