Looking for CPA, CPI Offers

We are looking performance offers. We work on your numbers as per tracking system, We dont charge any cost of CPM CPC and invalid leads. charges only applicable valid leads. 100% real human traffic $No BOTS$ More info connect my Skype live:.cid.285c8e67009f63

My Requirements

I'am : Seller
Traffic Model : CPA,CPI,CPL,CPE,CPR,
Device : Mobile ,Desktop,
Geo : Tier 1 Geos,Tier 2 Geos,Tier 3 Geos,
Vertical : Apps,Beauty,Casino Gambling,Coupons,Crypto,E-commerce,Education,Software,Solar,Sports Betting,Surveys,Sweepstakes,
Tracking Type : MMP,Postback,S2S,