Hello & Welcome from Fizzylabs

Fizzylabs is a Marketing Agency based out of Florida that has both campaigns and traffic in most marketing methods for both desktop and mobile applications. We currently work in CPA (Cost per acquisition), CPL (Cost per lead), CPI (Cost per install), CPE (Cost per engagement), and CPS (Cost per sale) business models and are adding new brand products daily. We work in all countries with English speaking tier 1 countries US, UK, CA, and AU working the best. Within our channels are direct sources like direct websites/ blog sites, emailers/ coreg site owners, media buyers/dsp sources, developers, etc., we are internal media buying on display, social, search, push, native, mobile dsps, etc. For campaigns that allow network syndication we also have network traffic which is a mixture of most marketing methods including other Network/Agencies, Individual sources/Media Buyers, etc. What does this mean for you and how can we help? We are currently working with many top brands/agencies/developers helping full-fill acquisition budgets and driving thousands of lead/Installs/form submissions to increase brand awareness, new/existing users engagements, and overall sales.

My Requirements

I'am : Buyer
Device : Mobile ,Desktop,
Geo : All Geos,
Vertical : Apps,Auto,Beauty,Casino Gambling,Coupons,Crypto,Dating,E-commerce,Education,Ethnic,Fashion,Finance,Games,Health,Holiday-Travel,Home Improvement,Insurance,Lotto,Make money,Mprtgage,Nightlife,Pension,Real Estate,Software,Solar,Sports Betting,Surveys,Sweepstakes,TV,Tech,
Tracking Type : Postback,S2S,Others,