Adeyinka Joshua is an Affiliate Manager at Traffiliated Affiliate Network. My duties as an Affiliate Manager is to Search for Affiliates through Research, Referrals, Cold calling, Data feeds ,and Emails, Building and Maintaining relationships with Affiliates, Going with Offer proposals to Affiliates, Staying current with trends in Affiliate Marketing and identifying opportunities (OFFER), and lots... Adeyinka Joshua is currently an Affiliate Manager with an Affiliate Network, where he hunts for super affiliates and engages them on forums such as Mymediads, Affplaybook, Affiliatefix,, Warrior forum, Wickedfire and lots. Skills - Effective COMMUNICATION, MARKETING STRATEGY, ORGANISATION and lots... Are you an Affiliate interested in promoting OFFERS? You could chat me up here on LinkedIn or via Skype ( live:.cid.b0d71dc715e25c16) for a business chat.

My Requirements

I'am : Buyer
Traffic Model : CPL,
Device : Desktop,
Geo : Tier 1 Geos,
Vertical : Sweepstakes,
Tracking Type : S2S,