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Luna Park Media Pte. Ltd.

We help our clients acquire new customers. We operate consumer online communities in all our target markets. Our platforms provide a unique interaction between our clients’ brands and consumers. We know all about digital marketing, engaging consumers and driving conversions for sales. With ten years experience in performance marketing, a portfolio of digital media and a network of publishers we make your campaigns excel. Grow your customer base and be ensured of performance and profitability of your campaign. In performance marketing you pay for a defined action by the user. This gives you full control over the measurement of your campaign metrics vs objectives and your ROI. We use state of the art tracking systems which give you real-time insights into your campaign. Do you have performance campaigns and are looking for publishers to drive the right audience to your offers? Or do you need help with setting up a campaign to meet your goals? Contact us and let us know your objectives. Are you selling products or services to consumers and are looking for new customers? Contact us and let us know about your product and target customers so we can make you a custom proposal. Generate Phone Leads - Provide your call center with pre-qualified leads who expressed interest in your product or service. Get live feeds of fresh consumer data to your sales teams and maximize your ROI. Build Email Subscribers - Let consumers connect with you by consenting to receive your newsletters. Acquire new customers through email and generate repeat purchases and customer lifetime value.

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RunTraffik is a Global Online partners connecting platform. RunTraffik connecting for media buyers & sellers, advertisers, publishers, affiliates, adnetworks.

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